MOViNG Mind Body


The HEALING ARTS restore body - mind - spirit to a state of harmony.

Results and quality orientated trainer with excellent customer service skills. Effective at training and managing diverse team members to achieve business goals. Ability to build strong working relationships with staff, supervisors and customers. Excellent multi-tasking ability and solid communication skills. Daniel brings people his energy, determination, competitive spirit, and beliefs about success, “when you start with a positive idea or goal and consistently feed it positive energy, it will become a reality”. As a corporate multicultural trainer Daniel understands emotional intelligence in the work place. Over 20 years of experience in management, training, and service. Dedicated to company growth and healthy employees to produce positive bottom line results. 

                                             Significant Accomplishments include
* Over 100 television shows produced on the martial and healing arts
* Featured articles: Black Belt, Filipino Martial Arts, Probe and Self Defense for Women
* Over 25,000 hours in health care, healing, project management and martial arts education worldwide
* Training: Federal, State and local law enforcement in Private and Public Sector, Military Special Forces



Our Cultural Center promotes unity through the diversities of different cultures.

The MOVING●MIND●BODY INSTITUTE is a Cultural Center that aims to empower you through the integration of the Healing and Martial arts.


The MARTIAL ARTS challenge the body, stimulate the mind, and develop inner strength.

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