MOViNG Mind Body

Our Cultural Center promotes unity through the diversities of different cultures.   Traveling the world visiting nature & sacred sites training martial & healing arts.  To help us understand unity through diversity we explore in depth different cultures from arts, education music & food.

The LANGUAGE ARTS include teachings to read, write and speak over six languages: Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese & Spanish. We offer high level translation services from and into any of the above mentioned languages.

 Here at the academy we are only interested in teaching to people who are serious in learning...are you serious?

Daniel French's teaching and practice draw extensively on the ancient texts of healing and wellness, as well as the most contemporary information available today.  Holistic Health Practitioner/Director. He has studied the Healing Arts with the top teachers, doctors, and masters. After becoming a Corporate Trainer, Personal Trainer, and a Reiki and Zen Shiatsu Teacher, Daniel became Yoga supervisor and director of many yoga wellness centers. He also initiated yoga and wellness programs for many of the doctors with whom he has worked.  Target marketing campaigns for Elite Aesthetics, The Spa at Aura, Glen Ivy Day Spa, Xandari Day Spa, Kin Spa, Lodge Kohler, Spa Reveil, Remington College & Rock Spa at the Hard Rock Hotel. Daniel serves on the Board of Advisers of the Sports Massage Therapy Institute and the American Institute of Massage Therapy and teaching the full curriculum at Remington College. He has over twenty thousand clinical hours performing massage & teaches martial and healing arts across US, Europe and world.

At HEALING●MIND●BODY INSTITUTE  we offer seminars, retreats, clinics or classes.  Professional athletics training adapted for each individual regards of training.  Benefits the mind, body & spirit.

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