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Massage is one of the oldest and simplest of all the medical treatments. Everybody can benefit of regular massage. Massage creates a calm state of alertness while reducing stress and helps us to achieve a higher sense of well being. Massage improves blood circulation, flexibility, and aids in stress relief. It also releases muscle tension, pain, and reduces physical fatigue. Massage promotes the elimination of toxins, reduced blood pressure, and improves posture and body awareness.

Yoga is a fusion of physical, mental, emotional, therapeutic and spiritual sense of harnessing oneself to the Sacred. Since all things return to the source, we seek union with that. Benefits include freedom from the known, inner peace, meditation and unconditioned awareness.  The five points of yoga; proper exercise - asana, proper breathing - pranayama, proper relaxation - sayasana, proper diet - healthy, meditation - dhyana. 

Classically the four yoga's; bhakti - devotion, jnana - knowledge, raja concentration, karma - action.  Yoga mirrors our lives. A journey and movement involving three stages.  A place to begin.  Choosing of our destination.  The effort to arrive. 

There are eight limbs that correspond to the path, also known as Ashtanga. 
1. Yama (self control)
2. Niyama (observance of virtues)
3. Asana (postures)                                         
4. Pranayama (control of breath)
5. Pratyahara (withdrawal of the mind)
6. Dharana (concentration)
7. Dhyana (meditation)
8. Samadhi (liberation, self realization)

Teachings inspired by Don Bosco, Padre Pio, Francesco di Assisi, T. Krishnamacharya, Sarada Devi. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaja, Krishnamurti, Dalai Lama, Thich Naht Hanh, Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Lao-tzu, Bruce Lee and Buddha.

                    We are on a mission of the Sacred. "Whether we want to touch our toes or reach God. There must be movement. This movement is yoga". A.G. Mohan

Man, in order to escape his conflicts, has invented many forms of meditation.  These have been based on desire, will & the urge for achievement & imply conflict and a struggle to arrive.  This conscious, deliberate striving is always within the limits of a conditioned mind and in this there is no freedom.  All effort to meditate is the denial of meditation.  Meditation is the ending of thought.  It is only then that there is a different dimension which is beyond time.  Freedom is pure observation without direction, without fear of punishment or reward.  Freedom is found in the choiceless awareness of our daily existence and activity.

 For cultivation of the mind at HEALING●MIND●BODY INSTITUTE we illustrate the teachings of; Don Bosco, Padre Pio, Francesco di Assisi, Taoism, Zen, Vedas, J. Krishnamurti &  K.Gilbran. Our Institute we offer a variety of meditation classes, workshops and seminars. We are proud to be affiliated to the Vedanta Society of Southern California and Ramakrishna Monastery in Trabuco Canyon where Swamis discuss topics including the Vedas, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Upanishads, unity of life and consciousness. Ph#813-678-7276