MOViNG Mind Body


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As we walk the path of self-discovery in martial arts we take what is useful and discard what is useless. There are literally hundreds of martial arts, each specializing in one or more ranges. By ranges I mean Kicking, Boxing, Trapping, Grappling and Weapons training. Each range dictates a different art that is used depending on the situation.

By discerning what is functional in each range is where our training begins.

The criteria is based on what would happen on the street: a realistic life scenario. Our training methods are: learning a technique, applying the technique in drill form, then finding and applying the technique in free sparring. We realize that combat takes on more than one variable. While fighting we always keep in mind that in order for anything to work you have to have three elements: timing, distance, and technique. This formula can be applied to life as well.

Regardless of your current training level, we look to improve your approach to training in the development of attributes. Attributes are qualities that help us stand out in: agility, form, awareness, rhythm, timing, speed and balance. This is where training with weapons brings out these different attributes. Weapons force us to react faster because if we do not we will get cut or hit. The mind set in training is safety, be realistic and have fun. Our philosophy is that we are happy but never satisfied. This keeps us humble and growing.

Currently Daniel trains with the worlds top NHB, MMA and pro athletes. Training for the Abu Dhabi, UFC, Mundials-World Championships in Brazil and Pan American games. Fighting and competing under World Champion Erik Paulson's Combat Submission Wrestling team Arch Angels, in addition to the Gracie Barra Academy in Orange County under Mauricio "Tinguinha" Mariano.